Safenet Authentication Service

Safenet Authentication Service

As workforces become increasingly mobile, BYOD trends increase and more and more applications are being moved to the cloud, network security has never been more complicated.  Organisations are investing a great deal of time and money in implementing, managing and controlling unified access policies to valuable company data, but it doesn’t need to be so time-consuming or expensive.  Safenet Authentication Service (SAS) is a faster, more effective way to manage authentication.

With SAS you can:

  • Save up to 60% on TCO and up to 90% on administration costs!
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive corporate data
  • Ensure unified access policies for all corporate resources

Save Time and Money with SAS

The amount of time and money an enterprise needs to run a successful authentication solution varies according to specific needs, but the following points need to be taken into consideration when  looking at the overall cost of authentication:

  • Time and effort required for deployment: planning, hardware and software procurement and the implementation process
  • Time associated with loss of productivity: users waiting for password resets and replacement tokens
  • The cost of helpdesk support:  handling of support tickets by IT staff
  • Personnel costs: the number of qualified staff required to run and support the system

Safenet Authentication Service moves authentication to the cloud and delivers a fully-automated, highly secure authentication service with flexible token options that are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

With the fully automated  policies, extensive user self-service facilities and removal of the need for hardware, SAS substantially reduces the total cost of operation of authentication.  You can even deploy SAS to thousands of users in just 30 minutes!

Why Switch to SAS?

  • With SAS, strong authentication can be provided anywhere a password is used today ensuring that your valuable corporate data remains secure
  • SAS supports a wide range of tokens and even tokenless authentication methods allowing each user to choose the method to best suit their individual needs
  • 3rd party tokens are supported so any existing investment is protected
  • SAS tokens do not expire which vastly reduces the cost of ownership and the administrative burden
  • Users can have more than one token which is ideal for users connecting from more than one device
  • The comprehensive self-service portal and automation vastly reduces the burden on your IT team

Don’t just take our word for it:

SAS is a best-in-breed, next generation authentication service that provides the overall lowest total cost of ownership of any authentication solution on the market, and it has just been given 4.75 out of 5 stars by SC Magazine.  You can read the full review here.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council are already benefiting from Safenet Authentication Service – read the full case study here:Dudley MBC Case Study or contact us today for your free trial.


Dudley MBC Case Study
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